Outdoors /OOH Media

We are one of the leading Out of Home (OOH) media organization covering Bengaluru with the best possible locations that gives you an advertising medium that’s cost-effective, long lasting, wide reach at a great frequency.

Our range of services help you run targeted campaigns in consumer populated areas at a fraction of cost it takes to make your presence felt in newspapers or on TV. Over the past 2 decades, we have grown immensely and recognized as a foremost service provider in this mode of operation because of our persistent hard work, commitment and sincerity. Carrying these principles forward since our inception.


We are the privileged agency to proudly boast of having thousands of exclusive outdoor options in the city’s prime locations where the reach is maximum, this comes with the flexibility in choosing and packaging an Outdoors/OOH plan that gives total benefit to you.



• Hoardings

• Airport Advertising

• Auto-Rickshaw Panels

• Building Wraps

• Bus Panels

• Bus Shelters

• Toll Plazas

• Bus Wrap

• Frontlits & Neons

• Gantry

• Hoardings

• LED Display

• Bus Shelters

• Mall Branding

• Metro Train

• Mobile Display Vans

• Pole Kiosk

• Railway Flyovers

• Railway Stations

• Road Medians

• Road Signage

• Scroller Hoardings

• Kiosks

• Taxi Panels

• Taxi/Auto Advertising

• Toll Plazas

• Traffic Shelters

• Train Interior Panels

• Pole Ads

• Trivision Hoardings

• Uni-Poles

• Video Vans

• Video Walls

• Wall Paintings

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